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Click on the link below to start a support session       (Citrix support number if needed 877-582-7017 )

Base Install:


BILLMASTER Help Files 01

Existing Customers:

Download the file for the latest version of BILLMASTER below. After down loading, double click on the file to install, select RUN or OPEN.

Download BILLMASTER Setup 01 and install first then the update link below. (you will only have to do this once)

Install again after 01/30/2016

Billmaster version 14.043

Updated 05/15/2019

Download Billmaster

Documents for Downloading

See User Guide Tab for complete document listing
Date 02 /22 / 2017


VERSION 11.5 – New Simple User Interface, that you can customize.

Over 100 training videos check this out are included in BILLMASTER 

If you prefer the prior interface, Go to” Company / Setup”, “System Setup / Ribbon Layout”, “Opening screen setup for BILLMASTER” and

change the screen style on the lower right to “Style 01″

* Note when downloading Version 11.5, you will need to download & install the BILLMASTER Setup 01 file once.

BILLMASTER On The Go - Server Application

Date 04/15/ 2017
Version 4.52

BILLMASTER On The Go – for  Windows  Tablets / Laptops - For Windows Tablets / Laptops

Date 02 /14/ 2016
Version  4.58

BILLMASTER On The Go – Android Version 

Includes – Account Review, Current Balance, Address Phone, Notes, Standard Charge,  Make Charges, Make Payments , Create Account, Edit Account, Transactions History, Charge Routes, Calendar

Date 10 /03/ 2015
Version 3.21


On The Go – Billmaster for iPhone

Date 07 /01/ 2015
Version 1.78


To use demo apps

Account Number : DEMO
Phone Number : 111-222-333
PIN : 123456

$19.99 per month

*NJ Sales Tax will be added to your monthly bill.

What’s New

  • New Invoice Registry – Allows for Fast and Easy Review and Edits of Invoices
  • Added “Move” account from on Route to Another
  • Route Edit Screen
  • Added “Group Name” to the Route Sheet Style #7 Print Routes
  • Default today’s Date for Menu Name
  • Create Bid
  • Added “Quick Pick” List – Allow fast selection of Accounts that were Taxed, Charge CC, Pre Pay, On Hold, etc.
  • Main Menu – Added Fertilization Text for Early Spring, Late Spring, etc. for Route Style #41
  • Print Route
  • Added Drop Down to select renewal / proposal style for document style #16.
  • Allow to save custom templates for each document that prints.
  • Print Documents

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Chemical Program Enhancement Standard Charges

  • Service Price Table and Calculation feature added

Account Information

  • New Billing Feature – Print Past Due Items Automatically on Statements
  • Check option on Produce Bills Screen to show past due amounts in condensed format.
  • Billing / Invoicing
  • One Button Access to printing Renewals, Contracts, Documents
  • One Button Access to the Report Designer
  • See Left Side “Fast Keys” Section for the buttons.
  • Main Menu

Now when creating an account, or selecting an account, you can press one button to instantly start creating proposals, estimates and bids.

Proposals, Estimates, Bids Add System defaults for “Skeeter Shield” ™. Preset Job descriptions and Inventory items. System wide

NOTE: Version 2.06 or higher requires an update installation of Database 01